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Cathy and I have been married for more than 17 years now (we got married in 1989), and living here in Seal Beach, California for 15. We both love dogs, so not long after we moved here from Long Beach we got Calvin (the black lab on the right). Calvin was a puppy of six weeks old when we first saw him; he stood out from his littermates because of his curiosity and exuberance, which turned out to be both a blessing and a trial when we got him home. He chewed through a bunch of shrubs, several pieces of moulding and the odd chunk of firewood before settling down (a little, anyway). A few months later we thought a little friend would keep him out of mischief, so we went to a rescue service and got Rudy, a Heinz 57 female. Unfortunately, Rudy turned out to be a fear biter with little hope of getting rid of that behavior, so we had to give her back to the rescuer, which opened the way for Hank. Hank--click to see him close up Hank is the golden retriever (actually more red than golden) in the photo on the left. Both Calvin and Hank brought a great deal of joy (and some aggravation!) into our lives; Calvin for his mischievousness, love of walks, chasing his cloth frisbee (for hours on end if we'd let him!) and being constantly on the hunt for any food within reach. Hank was everyone's friend; a more exuberant "people dog" would be hard to find. He would come up next to us as we sat on the couch and let us know in no uncertain terms that we needed to pet him; he never seemed to tire of attention. We were devastated when Hank was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a form of bone cancer. He fought for over a year and a half but finally succumbed to a secondary metastases. Even years later we still miss him.

About a year or so after we lost Hank, Cathy and I both felt that it was time to look for another dog; our excuse at the time was that Calvin still needed a friend; in retrospect we realize we just wanted another dog. Roxy--click to see this biggerCathy had been spending lots of time on golden retriever rescue Web sites; that's where we first saw Roxy. The photo I've included here shows she doesn't look much like a golden (even with a strong imagination), but she looked really sweet on the Website and when we checked her story it was so compelling we couldn't resist her. Seems she had been found on the streets in LA and had been scheduled to be euthanized but the techs just couldn't bring themselves to do it and talked the local golden retriever rescue rep into taking her. Our friends Anna and Win (from Washington, DC) were with us when we picked her up and brought her home. She was a bit distant for a while, but now she's our girl. When either Cathy or I come home she has to get her ears scratched and belly rubbed immediately. It would be incorrect to say that she and Calvin became friends, but they did tolerate each other fairly well; at least until he got weaker and less able to get around. By then she was starting to assert herself more and eventually became top dog (which I don't think Calvin much appreciated). Calvin lived to be nearly 14 and, even though arthritis made it more and more difficult for him, he still loved his walks and never gave up his relentless hunt for food. I admit we have spoiled them; they became our "furchildren." We don't have children, so we can spoil the dogs instead. Growing up I knew people who treated their pets like children and found that slightly twisted; now we do it ourselves. Oh, well.


Cathy and I were both raised in Illinois; Cathy lived in Elmhurst (a suburb on Chicago's west side) until she was 10 and then moved with her family to Covina, California. Cathy has lots of good memories of her first decade, living in Illinois. The Winans (her father's family) and the Chants (her mother's) had extended families in and around Elmhurst, with very strong and positive role models on both sides. Cathy's mother Marcella had 4 sisters: Margaret (the eldest), Evelyn, Pat (Marcie's twin), and Joanne. The Winans were Dwight, Maury and ???. Moving to California was a challenging adaptation for the Winans kids; no cousins handy meant finding new friends and support systems. Cathy developed friendships with Marty Sutherlin and Tony Castaneda in sixth and eighth grades respectively, and still maintain regular contact with both of them.

Cathy works in downtown Los Angeles for the Healthcare Assocation of Southern California as a Senior VP of Member Support Services, which means she is in charge of developing and marketing products and services for the member hospitals, of which there are over 300 in Southern California. Keeps her busy, to say the least! Additionally, Cathy was recently selected to be responsible for handling the administration responsibilities for HASC, which adds significant further work load to her already full dance card. She's up to the challenge, though!

Cathy has two sisters (Nancy and Cindy), and one brother (Doug). Her mother and stepfather George live not far from us in Seal Beach, while her father (Dwight) and stepmother (Dee) live in Hemet. Nancy and her family live in Santa Cruz, Cindy and Steve live in Colorado Springs, and Doug and Sue currently live with us while Doug finishes college. When he finishes his last quarter he's going to go for his teacher's credential and teach high school science. To find out more about them, the link below takes you to their section.


I grew up in Forrest, Illinois, a town of 1000 people in north central Illinois, about 120 miles outside of Chicago and 40 miles northeast of Bloomington. My mother still lives in Forrest, my brother Jim in Bloomington and my sister Kathleen in Chicago. If you want to see more about them, click on the link below that takes you to the Shaddle family section.

I work for a nutritional supplement company named Metagenics, located in San Clemente (about an hour's commute south of here. Cathy works in downtown LA, about an hour's commute the other direction--we bought our house so it would be in the middle of each of our offices.) I have worked for Metagenics since I moved to California, and am currently the Director of Technical Communication. That means that the Tech Support group, the Technical Writers, and Seminar Planners all report to me, and the technical materials that are used in our sales and marketing efforts come through my department or are created there. That means the seminars and technical training programs that make up a major part of our marketing effort and position are my responsibility to generate. Lots on my plate as well, but I enjoy staying busy.

Cathy and Bill

Cathy and I met in October of 1987 on a blind date. One of my customers (who was also a friend of Cathy's) suggested we might enjoy one another's company. Anna Doroshaw was friends with both April and Cathy, and when Anna visited April (my customer) in California, she would always contact Cathy as well. Anna had recently visited here, so April and Cathy had just been with one another. April asked me if I was seeing anyone, and then asked Cathy if she would like to meet me. We exchanged phone numbers through April, and met for lunch at Gorky's deli, an old-style Russian deli in downtown Los Angeles. I was late; I had gotten lost. The lunch led to an evening date a few days later, and we began spending more and more time together. A little over a year later we were engaged, and married in October of 1989. Happily ever after!

Beautiful Banff, Canada.  Click to enlarge

We love to travel, and plan on posting selected shots from recent trips on this website. This shot was taken on a recent trip to Canada, where we drove from Vancouver to Calgary, through the Canadian Rockies. After a long weekend in a B & B in Vancouver, we drove through the British Columbia wine country and then to Lake Louise and finally Calgary. Click here to go to my online photo scrapbook of that trip. I plan on adding additional photo albums," not only of trips that Cathy and I take, but also of other family members' trips, so be sure and check back regularly (and don't forget to send me photos of your trips!)

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