This is the online photo album of our Tenth Anniversary trip

Cathy and Bill at the Banff Springs Hotel.  Click to enlarge

A real vacation!

Most of the trips Cathy and I have taken together have revolved around work or visiting our families. We have (between us) family in Northern California, Colorado, Chicago, and downstate Illinois. I travel frequently for work, and if it's to a fun location Cathy will often accompany me, play while I have to work and then we get the evenings together (or we take an extra day or two to enjoy the area). For example, we've been to London, Hawaii, Sweden and the Mediteranean together, which we are very grateful for. The problem (which I alluded to) is that I usually don't to relax as much as I would like, nor do we spend as much time together as we would both like.

Every year for our anniversary we take a short trip to someplace near water. We've been to Seattle, San Diego, San Francisco, etc.; always near water. This year, (our 10th anniversary), we decided to take a real vacation, lasting a full week. We have been to Vancouver, but both of us wanted to see the Canadian Rockies. Several friends have told us how beautiful the drive from Vancouver to Calgary is, so we decided to see it for outselves. The plan was to fly to Vancouver and stay at a Bed and Breakfast for a few days, then drive to Lake Louise through Abbotsford (a small town on the US/Canadian border where some friends live), stay at Lake Louise for a couple of days, then on to Calgary and fly home from there. It was a wonderful choice, and we would recommend it to anyone!


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Cathy at our B&B. We are enjoying a "patio picnic" on our second day in Vancouver. Bill at the same time, with Vancouver across the bay in the background. We're enjoying a beer on a sunny patio on touristy Granville Island.

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Lynn Canyon has a great hiking trail, within 15 minutes of downtown Vancouver. Cathy's ready for an adventure. Check out those legs!

Vancouver is such a beautiful city! It sits out on a peninsula, with a bridge across the bay to the mainland, where additional suburbs can be found. Our Bed and Breakfast was in West Vancouver, one of these beautiful suburbs. We could sit out on a little patio (as in the photos above) and look across the water at Stanley Park, which is on the tip of the peninsula that downtown Vancouver sits on. We rented bicycles one of the days and rode around Stanley Park (it takes an hour or so of fairly comfortable riding). The sidewalk is right on the water, making a beautiful ride.

Vancouver is also a great city to stay in shape and enjoy the natural surroundings. Besides Stanley Park (which also has trails that crisscross the park, so it's great to walk, ride, jog, or just enjoy a nice stroll), Vancouver is small enough that in a few minutes you can be across the bridge to the north and to Lynn Canyon Park. Lynn Canyon has nice trails built along a small river, a beautiful suspension bridge and beautiful scenery (heavily wooded). You'd never know you were only 10 minutes or so from downtown Vancouver!

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Beautiful view, but I don't like heights Lynn Canyon--a great hike! The lift to Grouse Mt, just north of Vancouver. Cathy in front of a giant wooden carving.

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Grouse Mountain ski resort in the summertime, with Vancouver as backdrop. Vancouver from Grouse Mt. Notice Stanley Park in the middle distance.

Grouse Mountain is a ski resort just north of Vancouver (in fact the base of the tram to the top is in North Vancouver). During the summer it is a popular destination for "Vancouverites" because it is probably 20 or 30 degrees cooler at the top than Vancouver. We took an afternoon and rode the tramway to the top. They have a number of woodcarvings (very LARGE woodcarvings!) done with an artist using a chainsaw. (Cathy is standing in front of one in the shot above.) They have a lumberjack show we enjoyed, and in general just walking around. Grouse mountain also has a road that runs up the side of the mountain that people climb (the "Grouse Grind")--we chose not to do the walk up.

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