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Jim and Devon Shaddle
Jim and Devon Shaddle

Jim Shaddle at about 7
Jim with our pet ducks Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego

My brother Jim lives in Bloomington, Illinois with his daughter Devon. Jim is a year and a half younger than me, and we grew up doing virtually everything together. Most of our friends knew us as "Bill and Jim" or "Jim and Bill," never really knowing who was who. It didn't bother us, either; Mom and Dad would as often as not call me Jim and Jim Bill. I was the planner, while Jim was (and still is) the doer. A friend tells a story of when Mom asked us to build a brick and gravel walkway in the back yard: I had a comprehensive plan drawn up complete with detailed blueprints and a system to get all the bricks and gravel on a conveyer system to save effort. While I was working on that Jim built the walkway. Jim and our sister Kathy are still my best friends (besides Cathy of course!), and I am sad we don't get to spend as much time together as I would like. This year, Cathy and I are going to join Jim and Devon during their spring Park City ski trip, which we are all looking forward to. (Kathleen will be there as well!)

Jim is a devoted father, spending most of his free time with Devon. One of their current projects is for Devon's school: a castle. Devon's assignment was to build a model of a castle, of a design of her choice. When Jim heard about it, it sort of became his project as well; they built a castle out of Aladdin and Arabian history. Click here to take a look at Devon showing off what they built; here is another view.

Jim and Devon on a ski trip.
Jim and Devon in Park City in 1998

Jim is currently the distributor for Metagenics for the states of Illinois, Indiana, Ohio Kentucky and Michigan. He has a number of sales reps who work for him in each of the territories, so he has his hands full managing them, which involves a fair amount of travel. In spite of that demanding schedule, he still manages to spend a fair amount of time in and around Bloomington and Chicago (where our sister Kathleen lives), on his boat or overseeing the building of a new home. He and Devon will be moving into their new place in early April, 2000. Jim's hobbies include boating (he has a 33 foot Sea Ray that he docks near our sister's home in Chicago) and is currently trying to convince himself that another 5 feet of boat is really important and would make his life vastly better than it currently is. Click here to see some photos of Jim's house and his boat.

Devon is now 10 years old (she had a birthday while we were skiing in Deer Valley, early April) and is turning into a fine young lady. She goes to school in Bloomington, and is currently doing very well in the 4th grade. Devon recently completed a writing project for school, where she interviewed her grandmother Joy Shaddle, and condensed the interview into 5 page essay. (Although Jim typed it, he swears he did not edit it, so the words are Devons's!) Click here to read the entire interview. Devon and Jim care for their dog Poppy, a small bundle of energy. Poppy (from her breed, papillon) also enjoys weekends on Jim's boat with her "mother" and Jim. Devon also spends a portion of her time with her mother Kristine in Florida, where she enjoys playing with her little brother Michael.

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