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Kathy and I were playing "boss and secretary"--guess who got to be the boss! I was about 4 then, Kathleen 6 or 7.

Kathleen Carlson is my big sister; this is probably my favorite picture of the two of us. When we were growing up we had the normal sibling stuff, but were generally quite close. Kathy, Jim and I are all within five years of one another in age, so we were close enough to play together as kids. Although I am totally confident I did some things that embarrassed Kathy as we got older, I don't remember her taking the normal "older sister" attitude and pretending she didn't know me when she was with her friends. Kathy has always been more adventurous than me--Jim is much like her in that regard as well. That is something I have wished I could emulate more. Just like in the "Boss and Secretary" game in the photo above, Kathy is always coming up with fun ideas and things to do. The latest is a trip to Africa. Kathy went a couple of years ago on a very "high-end" safari (china and linen tablecloths each evening at camp), and describes the trip as "life-changing." She is going again this fall, along with Jim and a number of friends. Catherine and I had originally planned on going as well, but things didn't work out so we plan to go in two or three years, when Kathy has another trip planned, this time to take Devon. Always good to have something to look forward to!

Kathleen and Catherine at the Getty Center (new art museum in Los Angeles) in the summer of 1999. Very cultural, aren't we?

Kathy and Cathy get along very well, for which I am very grateful (of course!) Kathy comes to visit us when she can; this past summer she spent the better part of week at our house. Cathy and I were able to take some time off work to spend with her, and went to the Getty art museum (the photo to the right was taken there), and generally had a great time. We trade off Thanksgivings as well; two years back in Illinois then one out here. Last year (1999) was our turn to host, and in 2000 we will be in Jim's new house in Bloomington.

Kathy has not always approved of my various lady friends, unfortunately, and has never been shy about letting me know. (That usually didn't change how I felt, but it did make for some interesting conversations!) I admit that I have not always made the best choices either, but I am somewhat mystified that the rest of my family is so pleasantly surprised by Catherine! (As if they can't believe I had such good taste). Philistines, all of them.

Kathy lives in Chicago in a beautiful condo overlooking Lake Michigan and the North Shore district, just immediately north of Lincoln Park. Her life is almost the ideal big city life! She works in downtown Chicago for CNA insurance, and thoroughly enjoys Chicago living. She can walk right out her front door into Lincoln Park, or she can get onto a bike trail that will take her over 10 miles south to the Museum of Science and Industry near Hyde Park. It is a beautiful life, and suits her very well. We always plan at least one trip a year back to Chicago, both because of our friends and family there but also because Chicago is such a great city to visit. There is a section describing some of the fun to be had in Chicago; click here to go to it.

Kathleen and Devon at Deer Valley, Utah ski resort.

Kathleen is Devon's "Auntie Mame" and enjoys acting that part! This photo was taken a couple of years ago when Jim, Devon and Kathleen went to Park City for a ski trip (we plan on joining them there this year). It was Kathleen's job to not fall down too much, and to keep track of the ski instructors.

Just recently Kathleen and Devon flew to Washington, DC for a weekend. Kathleen had a business meeting to attend, so she and Devon went a couple of days early to see the Smithsonian and other sites. Devon flew back home on Sunday for school on Monday, but both she and Kathleen agreed that it was a wonderful trip.

Summertime is party time in Chicago. In addition to the many city-planned events (Air Show, Taste of Chicago, etc.), the Lakefront and North Lincoln Park area lends itself extremely well to festivities. Kathy can walk across Diversey to the Park, turn left to Lake Michigan (literally just across the street), or keep jump in a cab to go downtown. Just outside Kathleen's building is Diversey Harbor, where Jim rents dock space for his boat. What with boat parties, going out with friends or diving into the many cultural opportunities in Chicago, Kathy's dance card stays pretty full.

Another of Kathleen's loves is traveling to unusual and interesting places. My big sister has no fear. Some time ago she got fed up, quit her job to take time off, travel, remodel her condo and look for a better job. She traveled (alone, I might add!) to New Zealand and Australia, where she went bungie jumping and white water cave rafting (among other adventures.) When she returned, she almost immediately got a better job than the one she quit. Not one to burn bridges, several years later she went back to work for the original company, but in a much better position. Her most recent excursion involved spending a magical week in India with the "Mah" for New Year's 2000 celebration. Wining and dining with Indian royalty sounds to me like a pretty exciting way to bring in the new millenium!

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