This is the section about living in Chicago

Chicago is one of the most fun cities to live in in the US. It is big enough to provide any kind of cultural stimulation you might think of, while still being easy to get around in. While Chicago is a big city, it is made up of many neighborhoods that each have their own individual flavor. For example, Kathleen's area, north Lincoln Park, is easy to get to, is right on the north end of a beautiful park (with its own zoo!) and is immediately adjacent to Diversey Harbor and the boating that goes with it. Lincoln Park is beautiful for walking, it has several nice restaurants in or adjacent to it, and also contains the Botanical Gardens, which make for a beautiful stroll winter or summer.

Just south of there is the Golden Mile (northern Michigan Avenue), which Mayor Daley (the junior) has spent a great deal of time and money to beautify (and I think, successfully at that!) Over the past several years he has planted flowers, upgraded the sidewalks and lighting, and developed seasonal themes that make "Boule Mich" not just a great shopping experience, but a pleasure to walk up and down as well. Because of this work to make the area up and down Michigan Avenue (and the rest of the city for that matter!) pretty, Daley has been called Chicago's "Martha Stewart."

Chicao is home to more authentic ethnic restaurants (so the travel guides say) than any other city in the US. Eating our in Chicago is a real experience! It is often more difficult to decide what type of food appeals to you than finding where to go. Another great service takes orders from a large list of restaurants and then picks up and delivers the food right to your door. They will even deliver videos for you--so easy to stay in for the evening!

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