This is the section about the Quinto/Winans family

Nancy Winans and her husband Dan Quinto live in Santa Cruz, California with their two sons Nash and Conner and their dog Selky. Nash will be 18 and Conner turns 12 this year. (Selkie is 4.) Dan works as a paramedic (in management), Nancy provides home schooling for the boys, and Nash and Conner are busy growing up. In addition to an interesting band he plays in, Nash plays roller hockey (goalie) and is very good at it--he has a good shot at the US Olympic team in the 2004 Olympics. Conner is a very creative young man, and even has some of his work published on the Internet.

Dan and Nancy have put a great deal of effort into the way they raise their sons and the type of family life they have (I don't know if living in Santa Cruz contributed to that, or they naturally gravitated there due to their lifestyle!) Home schooling, sharing responsibilities, teaching the boys to think for themselves, and see how well things are turning out.

Dan and Nancy like to go on camping vacations. Cathy and I have joined them on several of them. One trip to Lake Tahoe was especially memorable; we took our dogs Calvin and Hank with us. We were plagued by yellowjacket wasps at our campsite. Dan created anti-wasp devices to lure the little beggars into a jar that they couldn't then get out of. He was inordinately pleased with the results, too. We think that Calvin's lifelong hatred of bugs stemmed from his experience at Tahoe (we believe he got stung by one of the bees there). He would go into our tent and stay there the whole day, and when he saw a wasp he would go crazy until he could kill it. Ever since then he has hated bugs of any stripe, chasing them all over the living room until he gets rid of them.

One of the traditions that has evolved (I think because Dan, Doug and I all have the same twisted sense of humor) is to watch Princess Bride before we get together, and then quote lines from it during our conversations. Most of the time we three guys (and of course, the boys Nash, Dave and Conner) are the "keepers of the lines" but one time Nancy used "Hoo hoo hoo, look who knows so much" (Billy Crystal's line as Miracle Max) at just the right time and broke us all up.

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