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Genealogy has become one of my hobbies!

Over the years, I have become more and more aware of the role that my family played in shaping my personality. It has also occurred to me that both sets of grandparents (Shaddle and Parker) lived in very interesting times, and had very interesting stories to tell. Grandpa Shaddle was a young man of 20 or so when Wilbur and Orville Wright first flew their airplane at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, and before he died he saw images of men walking on the moon broadcast over the airwaves. My father saw the growth of the automobile as a major force in our society and the birth of the computer age in his lifetime. It was these connections that got me interested in tracking geneology: a few short years can make an enormous difference in the society we live in. Because of this, establishing and keeping a record of our lives and those of our forbears becomes more than just an exercise in record keeping and trivia, but becomes a way to examine our own lives in a greater context. I have thus become interested in genealogy.

Initially, Mom became the family historian, largely because she discovered that her great-grandparents (the parents of John James Parker, whom she knew quite well) were convicts; part of the historical fabric of Australia. She began tracking them, and also keeping track of the Shaddle side of the family. We had heard a number of years ago that Grandma Shaddle's ancestors came over to America on the Mayflower, but outside of this interesting little tidbit of information didn't know very much. I bought a copy of software that helps catalog family trees, and entered as much information as I had, and contacted other family historians to add to it. Eventually I posted the entire tree on the World Family Tree project sight; you can go there to take a look at it by clicking here. If you have any corrections to make, or can add anything at all to what is there, please contact me! Click here to go to the section where you can send me information.

A brief Shaddle family history

As best we can determine, our common family history goes back to a Peter Shaddle, who shows up in the New York City census of 1820, 1830 and 1840. Several other Shaddles show up in the same census reports (I found them in the New York public library), but I have no proof they were related. It seems likely, however, because the stated occupations of the Shaddles recorded are upholsterers. Additionally, one of the names I located was "Cornelius Shaddle;" one of Peter's 10 children was named Cornelius and it was a common practice (still is, for that matter!) to name a child after an adult relative (father or brother). In any case, I was unable to find in my short, rather cursory search where Peter Shaddle came from. We believe his parents died young. A geneological record written up by one of my Dad's cousins, Ruth Robinson (as soon as I can enter it, you will be able to read this record) states that he (or his father) emigrated from Holland, and Americanized his name from "van Schoedel" or "van Schadel" to "Shaddle." I hope to be able to confirm or deny this with this website project. If you know anything that adds to this, let me know! Click here to go the section where you can send me stuff.

What we do know is that Peter Shaddle came to the Chicago area from New York City in 1832 with his with Eleanor (Helen) and their family (they had a total of 10 children; my great-grandfather Charles Wesley was the seventh child, and a toddler of 2 when they left New York). They settled in Lake County, Illinois in what is now the town of Mundelein. He later sold his property there and moved to Chicago, where he opened an upholstery shop on Clark Street. In 1863, Peter moved to Evanston, where he died on February 1, 1883. Eleanor died earlier, Oct. 6, 1855. Both Eleanor (or Helen, as the name reads on the tombstone) and Peter are buried in Rose Hill Cemetery in Chicago.

Anyone reading this who can add information or tell me where to find out more, please contact me. I want this to be an ongoing, collaborative project with input from anyone who is interested. Also, I have the Shaddle Family Tree in printed form, so if anyone wants a copy I'd be happy to send it out. My email is "" (actually, that is one of several, so if you happen to know any of my other email addresses, they all will work fine as well).

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