Some general stuff about what you should expect to find here.

Your very own section!

If you are a close family member (meaning immediate family), you probably have a section devoted to your family. On the "table of contents" page (Click here to go there), just click on the appropriate selection from the list and you should find your section. After you've read it, I urge you to make any modifications or suggestions for additions you like and email them to me. (I've provided text boxes for you to fill out and send to me; you can attach photos--JPEG format please--and I will do my best to incorporate what you send me. I will add a section of special interest to you if you like.

Come back often and stay in touch!

At the risk that this site will appear overly self-indulgent, let me explain a little about the purpose. I want those who come here (again, presumably family members, close or distant) to be able to go to the section that interest or pertains to them, and upon reading that section get to know a little better those family members described there. Since we don't have (or don't take) the opportunity to get together physically very often, this should provide a mechanism to maintain contact and improve communication. Hope it works!

Come on...say something to other visitors...

Another section will include a "chat room" or whatever you want to call it--email me stuff you would like me to post for the whole family, or respond to someone else's posting, and let's get a dialogue going! The more the merrier. This could be a way to re-establish some long lost relationships! Help me out and we should all find it entertaining. If you have add, click here to go to the section where you can send it to me!

Photos, photos and more photos

I will also include a section of photo albums of recent trips. If you've been someplace interesting or just want to share some family photos, send 'em in and I'll post what I can. Please make sure you include some text describing who or what is in the photo, who took it, when, and so forth so it will make sense to the other visitors.

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