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You may have noticed that I did not include birthdates for most of the current generation(s) of people listed on this site. There is good reason for that, even though in many cases I have them in my database: not everyone may want the world to know their birthdates (or that of young children, either for that matter). If you have no objection, let me know and I will put them on the site. I think it is useful, and a good way to stay current on family events. The dates I have may be incorrect, so as part of your "permission to publish" process, I would appreciate an update of who has been "hatched, matched or dispatched" (not to sound callous), with appropriate dates.

I also have a printed version of the family tree. Anyone interested in it can have a copy if you email me with your request and a mailing address. Let me know if there is a particular branch you want (for example, descendants of Charles Wesley Shaddle through Frank Cornelius, etc.) You can use this form to do it, just be sure you include a mailing address in the "comments" box below.

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