The "Colorado Shaddles"--Fred Ben Shaddle

Frederick Benjarmin Shaddle, Loveland, Colorado
Frederick Benjarmin Shaddle, standing in the door of his bicycle shop in Loveland, Colorado about 1915

My Dad's Uncle Fred was born on Feb 18,1874 in Palatine, Illinois and died in Loveland, Colorado on December 15, 1953. I was three days shy of two then, so I never knew him. He married Grace Cronkhite (b. November 11, 1873) on June 10, 1896 at Diamond Lake, Illinois. Grace died on August 2, 1949.

They had four children:

  1. John Charles
  2. Edith Grace, born Oct. 2, 1898
  3. Marian Margaret
  4. Paul Hobert, born June 29,1906.

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