It Starts with Peter Shaddle in New York City

Peter Shaddle was the first of our ancestors to come to Illinois. He was born in New York City in 1799. Not much is known of his early life. His parents died when he was young. We wonder if his Dutch name might have been VAN SCHADEL. This is something for the younger generations of Shaddles to look up. Peter Shaddle married Eleanor Cadmus March 8, 1821 in Bloomfield, New Jersey. Eleanor is some times known as Hellen, Helena, Ellen. His wife, Eleanor Cadmus, was born April 5, 1893 in Bloomfield, New Jersey. She was the daughter of Henry and Letitia (Letty) Keen Cadmus. Henry Cadmus was in the American Revolutionary War as were several other Cadmus men from Bloomfield, New Jersey. The obituary of Peter Shaddle states that he came to Illinois in 1832. That was the year Lewis Schauk came to Illinois. They took up adjoining land claims and came from the same vicinity in New Jersey; so we assume they came West together. Peter came to Lake County in 1832 and built a log cabin near where the West Sheldon school building stands on the Seminary grounds in Mundelein, Illinois. The remains of an old root cellar which was built on the side of the ravine at the end of Wildwood St. could be seen as late as 1920. Peter brought his family from New Jersey in 1835. Peter sold his claim to Solomon Norton III in 1836. (See copy of deed). He lived in Lake County for one year then moved to Chicago where he had an upholstery shop (making hair mattresses) on Clark St. between Lake and Randolph Streets.

Ten Children were born to Peter and Eleanor Shaddle:

  1. Ellen b. May 1822--taught school in Chicago and married H. Cordell
  2. Martha b. July 26, 1824--married R. Wrightman
  3. Letty b. Mar 4, 1826 married Andrew Lyon
  4. Peter Jr. b. about Oct 1828, died young
  5. Elizabeth b. Nov 20, 1829, married Geo. Reynolds
  6. Henrietta b. Apr 10, 1832, married Elwell
  7. *Charles Wesley b. Apr 16, 1834, married Mary Studley
  8. Cornelius b. Jan 1837, married Mary Black
  9. Permalia b. July 13, 1839, died young
  10. Ann Margaret b. July 26, 1844, married Rev James Davidson

Peter Shaddle and family moved to Evanston in 1862 and He died Feb 1, 1883. He is buried in the Rose Hill Cemetary, Chicago. Eleanor Cadmus Shaddle died Oct 6, 1886 in Evanston, Illinois. She is buried in Rose Hill Cemetary, Chicago, Ill.

(Written by Ruth Shaddle Robinson, Oct, 1986)

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